Custom Auto Parts in Scottsdale

Automotive Excellence provides an exemplary custom auto parts service. Our catalogue is tailor made to meet the need of vehicles of all types. No matter how vintage or rare your car is we will be sure to have the part that meets you needs. In the unlikely event that we don’t have the exact part you are looking for in our catalogue then will be able to order it in for you in less than a week. Our service also extends to motorcycle and truck parts so irrespective of the vehicle you are driving you have no reason not to invest in Automotive Excellence. Don’t take chances with inferior providers call the garage that Scottsdale trusts today.

Automotive Excellence Makes Custom Parts Problems a Thing of the Past

Driving a custom built car is a dream for almost all Scottsdale motorists. Being able to design and build your own custom made vehicle from scratch is something that most people could only dream of. So for those of us lucky enough to be in a position to be able to do that, we truly know how fortunate we are. However, one problem that is not discussed very often when it comes to customized cars is the difficulty that you can encounter trying to find the right parts. Any driver with a custom built car that has needed a new exhaust, engine or transmission can probably attest to this. It is not easy and sometimes the wait can keep you off the road for weeks at a time. Thankfully, if you are custom car enthusiast in Scottsdale then this is a thing of the past.

Top Performance and OEM Auto Parts

Automotive Excellence is a leading distributor and supplier of some of the best auto manufacturers in the world. We also stock a deep range of custom, vintage and more unique parts. That marriage of the modern with the unique is what sets us apart and is the seal of excellence that Scottsdale motorists trust in.

From high performance exhausts and customized brake kits to classic accessories and the most advanced electronics, we have something for everyone. Not to brag but the fact of the matter is that if you having problems finding a part that you need from other supplies then you need to contact us today. Chances are we have what you are looking for and if we don’t we can easily order it within five working days.

Can’t come to us? We can go to you!

If you live outside of Scottsdale or simply can’t get to us easily then do not fear. Our wide collection of parts can be shipped securely to your home, garage or location of your choosing - we even cover shipping costs. So no matter where you are in the United States, Canada or further afield you can rest assured that you will be able to access our products easily.